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Experience you can count on

At Riverside Designs we're capable of handling your project from concept to completion. We have been designing projects since 1984, we have experience in designing everything from Warehouses, to Multi Story Office Buildings. We specialize in designing Large Custom Texas Hill Country style homes with Large Porches to spend lazy afternnons just relaxing. We have drawn plans for small 1100 square foot space efficient track homes to Luxury Custom Homes with over 11,000 square feet of Air Conditioned Space with all the imaginable luxury and recreational amenities.
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What does a CPBD certification mean?

Just like an architect is certified by the Texas Board of Architectural Examiners. A CPBD professional is certified by the National Council of Building Designer Certification. The CPBD designation means that the Design Professional has fulfilled the education and demonstrated the experience requirements to obtain the CPBD designation; and has pledged to abide by all the requirements; By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the National Council of Building Designer Certification.

To obtain the CPBD designation a professional Designer has to have demonstrated that he has been engaged in the professional practice of building design for a minimum of six years, and having dedicated no less than twenty hours per week in his profession. The individual has to have industry-relevant education, such as training, or courses relating to architecture or structural engineering in an accredited institution, or have been employed and received on-the-job training, under the supervision of a Professional Building Designer, Architect or a Professional Engineer. He has to pass a rigorous 10 section test administered over a two day period.
Riverside Drafting - residential design, commercial designs


What does a Certified Professional Building Designer Do?

A Certified Professional Building Designer provides his client with design services for a proposed residence or building, ranging from the initial concept to complete working drawings and specifications that will comply with all applicable building codes, covenants and restrictions.

The type of projects that a Professional Building Designer undertakes are varied and depends on the experience of the individual designer, and may consist of residential projects, both single family and multi-unit, or commercial projects as permitted by the architectural statutes of each state. Working closely with the client, the Professional Building Designer can provide design solutions that respond to the individual needs and the requirements of each client.

A Certified Professional Building Designer may supply or arrange for additional services such as structural or mechanical consultants, or provide assistance in selecting contractors and overseeing construction. These additional services are subject to the policies and services of the individual design Firm you have hired to complete your project.
Riverside Drafting - residential design, commercial designs

Professional Services

Riverside offers professional house plans that are designed to overcome unforeseen building expenses during the construction phase. All drawings are cross examined for 3-D compatibility to ensure that stairs and other main features work as planned. All our plans have Details and Sections that are self-explanatory and complement the other sheets and documents.
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Material Take-Off

Accurate material take-offs are available upon request. The Take-off is provided in a written report format or as an Microsoft Excel Spread Sheet. The materials lists are broken down by category, listing a description of each individual item and a quantity count. We also give you square footages for sheet rock, roofing materials, paint and flooring. Having a professional material take-off ensures accurate bidding from competing contractors and sub-contractors. This also levels the playing field between the bidders so that you get comparable estimates from each bidder.
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All Our Designs Meet Local and National Building Codes

Riverside Designs strives to provide construction documents that are detailed, and that provide a clear and concise representation of the project at hand. Our plans are designed to meet the International Building Code 2012 edition. In addition, if your project is located within a municipality that has enacted other local or city building codes those guidelines will also be followed.
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